«WPC: Edge «

I know I already posted something for this challenge this morning but, suddenly, I remembered something perfect …!!!!

It was last Christmas… We went to Arizona, to visit C.´s family… They had a beautiful surprise for us: a trip to  Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon (Upper and Lower), and surroundings, including….The famous Horseshoe!

I was really very excited about this place, as I had seen wonderful pics …. But when we arrived…. Well…. I was absolutely terrified!!!! One has to be really really close to the edge to be able to take a perfect photo of the Horse shoe…!!!

Here you can see C (in red) absolutely close to the edge, and the photo he was able to take… As you can imagine, I was at the back, far away, fighting with the fear of hights!!!!

In answer to WPC: «Edge»

Have a good weekend!


20 comentarios en “«WPC: Edge «

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    • Really glad you like them! At least I used the camera for something… Do you suffer from fear hight? I do not know how everybody was just sitting at the edge of the rocks, swinging their legs….

        • I think it was the only way I could stand it: looking from behind the camera was much better… But I can tell you my arms were stiff and my legs shaky! It amused me to see so many people just sitting there, laughing and posing for pics!!!

          • You were brave. You were able to conquer your fear. I wonder how those who can pose near the edge of tall things do that too. I don’t think I could stand on the viewdeck of the Canyon. Ugh!

  2. Amazing shot by C! He was really close to the edge indeed and very wise of him to stay low. I am afraid of heights and not sure if would be able to be as brave as him, lol. That is one great shot of the Horseshoe at the end, Very sharp, very crisp. Nice to see you taking a photo of him taking a photo 😀

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