«Pink softness…»

I have seen the Sun today!!!! Incredible, after so many days with rain, rain and more rain!!!

May be Springtime is around?

I think this deserves a nice and soft photograph….

"Pink softness"

Pink bud and bokeh

Hope you like it!!!

Happy sunny day!!!

(at least somewhere!!! 🙂 🙂 )


WPC: «Weight(less)»

This week, the WPC hosted by Ben Huberman wants us to play with weight….

I think it is perfect for a photograph I took these Holidays inside the Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona….

I need to write quite a lot more about this fantastic trip… But let´s stay on our subject….

The question is that I find fascinating this photograph… You see…It is sandstone, but is huge, and is heavy… And the impression one gets from this point of view is that is almost floating, facing the wind,  like a feminine figurehead, blind to the storms and to the passage of time…

«The Blind Face…»

"The Blind Face..."

What do you think?
Have a Happy weekend!!!



Martes: «I have a magical forest…» (IV)

Well…It is Wednesday but with so many events going on these days I almost forgot it!!!!

Today I want to post this beauty I found in the forest two days ago…It has been really misty, and looked like the mist did not want to leave…

Here I leave you, with this little and old dandelion, full of silent tears…


«Silent tears…»

Have a great day!



Too much Black and White in the last months???
Here is a break….A wonderful one…
I took it yesterday, while strolling on the forest behind my house…
I think you should click on it…:) 🙂


The victory of the small things….
🙂 🙂

Back into my Magical Reality…

As some of you already know, I usually walk with my two Border Collies, Sigh and Neo, every day through the forest…
Now, holydays are over, and I am back to my real life…Back home, back to our walks, back to the old forest…

Well….The forest is the forest…Some days it looks better…Another days it looks grey and humid….

But, somehow, I find that the important thing is my mood…My mood that drives my soul and my eyes…

…And I am able to see a magical and fairy  landscape where other people see a foggy day…

In the depths of the forest...
«Few people have the imagination for reality»

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This post is in answer to Jake´s challenge: «Reality»
Also is part of «Black and White Tuesdays…»
And, may be….Frizz can be happy with my B…»Back»
Click on those links to have few minutes of relax….

WPC: «Let there be light…»

«And God said, Let there be light; He willet it, and at once there was light…»

(Genesis 1:3)

Rising to the sky...

«…And God saw the light, and it was good, and God divided the light from the darkness…»

(Genesis 1:4)

Would you like to enlighten your weekend? Click here, in the WPC page..

Have a great weekend!!!

«A Rosy Sunset…»

This week Ailsa´s challenge is «Sky»…
Perfect!!! Now I have an excuse to post a picture of a serie I took last week…
I was walking with Sigh and Neo in the evening, and the nigh came early and slowly, almost surprising us…But before, may be as a way of saying «Sorry, I know it is early and you are far from home», she offered to us this present…
We were alone in the middle of the forest….It was a magical moment….

(No photoshop has touched the image!)

«If I can put one touch of Rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God»

Gilbert K. Chesterton

Hope you like it as much as I did…

Have a great weekend!

Three Funny Sheep…

This week Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge is about number three…

Well…I  posted, not long time ago,  something about number Three…But this time, following Cee´s intructions, I have been looking for something funnier….

So, here are my Three Sheep…They were trying to hide themselves from me…And what could be better than to stay frozen showing me their little tushes???

🙂 🙂

The Three Sheep

«In a crisis, don´t hide behind anything or anybody. They are going to find you anyway»

Paul Bryant