.First of all, Happy New year to all of you!!! I have been outside for almost one month…But I am back!!!! And nothing better than the answer to WPC : «Shadowed»!

These days are terrible here: by 5 o´clock, we have the fog over our heads…And the weather is so cold that the only people you can see on the streets are dog owners or photographers!!! 🙂

I think this pic is a good example !!! I took it yesterday!!! And I thought it could be a good example of working with poor conditions of light (and cold weather, and ….)


What do you think??


«WPC: Containers…»

Hello everybody!!!

It has been a long time since my last post! I hope all of you are still there, well and ready for holidays…

A lot of adventures , almost all of them positive! I think I need to order my photos and ideas but, in the meantime, I would like to share with all of you a pic I took in my hometown few days ago that I think it suits WPC´s challenge: «Containers«…

The title is …

«In the cage: Dreaming the city..»

"The Cage: Dreaming the City..."

A good container, don´t you think? I like the idea…

The cage contains a man…A man that is reading a book…

The book contains a lot of words…Ideas, revelations, stories, adventures, dreams…

May be he is dreaming..About his own city, this city…About the ideal one, far away…About his life…About his love…

Who knows what contains his heart?

Who knows what secrets jealously guards his soul?….

Would like to see more ideas? Go to WPC page and have a good time!

Big hug to all of you! And have a good weekend!



«The circle of life…»

Early in the morning, yesterday…

.I was taking some pics when something caught my eye…

The pilgrim (he has a little «concha» in his luggage) moved himself his weelchair, lit a cigarette, and fixed his sight on the young girls with the baby stroller…And he left me this present…(Click on the image to feel it better!)

«The circle of life…»

"The circle of life..."
I thought it could be a good shot for WPC: «Street life«….What do you think?

People on the Street….

Hi everybody!

I have been out of reach for almost two weeks! I was paying a visit to my family and internet was not powerful enough to connect with WordPress….The only thing I had access to was my mail…Frustrating!!!!!

But here I am again….And it is not a bad day…Today Springtime is coming!!!!!

I can feel the air smells different, and the light is clearer, and even the birds sing more happily!!!!

So, here is a happy night photograph from one of my hometown streets…A pop versión, full of colour!

«Calle Fueros. Vitoria-Gasteiz»

"Calle Fueros. Vitoria-Gasteiz"

Hope you like it!
Have a great day!

«The Old Butcher…»

This weekend C., «las bestias» and I went to a Photowalk in our town…It was nice…We did not have to pay to participate…Just to bring food for the local «Food Bank»..

We really enjoyed it…

One of the places we visited was the local market, and I was able to take a photograph for Ailsa´s challenge: «Work«!

Hope you like it!

«The Old Butcher…»

"The old butcher..."

 Have a great day at your work!

«Ready for Sochi….»

Yesterday we went skiing….Well….My C. went skiing….

Meanwhile, I had almost four hours to take pictures…

I love this one….It is simple, but full of meaning to me, as an outsider…If you click on it, you can discover many many things… 🙂

«People». San Isidro, León.


Summer afternoon in an Autumn´s day….(aka «Silhouettes on the Beach»)

Frizz´s challenge  this week  is SSS….I was thinking in advance about posting another entry but,…You know? I am again in Torrevieja, near Alicante…Today we were 27 degrees….And I could not resist….So, here it comes…My «Summer afternoon in an Autumn´s day..»

(Click on it to feel it better…And, yes, I understand you… 🙂 🙂 )


WPC: Horizon….

«We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction, that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon»

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Torrevieja. Spain

(if you click on it you can feel it much better…)

In answer to WPC challenge: «Horizon»…