WPC: «Let there be light…»

«And God said, Let there be light; He willet it, and at once there was light…»

(Genesis 1:3)

Rising to the sky...

«…And God saw the light, and it was good, and God divided the light from the darkness…»

(Genesis 1:4)

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Have a great weekend!!!

Three were three…

«Three were three…»

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In answer to Frizz  «TTT challenge»…Three doves looking to life from an old Spanish castle…

TS: «Autumn colours from an ant´s point of view…»

Today is Thursday…That means, as a lot of you know, Paula´s Thursday´s Special…

If you go to her page, you will see the post : «Share and Connect»…

I have been talking to Paula today about Autumn… Its light, its colours, its little treasures…So, I also want to connect today my post with her, and to share the colours and light of my Autumn with all of you…Sometimes is good to lower your gaze a little bit, and try to imagine what you would see if you were an ant …

Hope you like it!


«Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower»

Albert Camus

WPC: Horizon….

«We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction, that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon»

Franklin D. Roosevelt


Torrevieja. Spain

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In answer to WPC challenge: «Horizon»…

My Colour….(WPC)

This week Cheri wants us to self analize…To make an exercise of introspective analysis and to come out with the color that reveals more about us…And to show it to the rest of the world, of course :)…

I remember reading in a book of Oliver Sacks a case about a man who was suffering from achromatopsia…He was able to see the world only in black and white…It was quite shocking to me, specially when he described the moments he had to eat…. Sometimes we do not realize how fortunate we are!!!!

We are used to see the yellow bananas, the red fire, the orange´s orange, the green lawn growing slowly in springtime…

And, if I had to choose one, I would choose the blue..Blue from the sky…Blue from the sea…Peaceful blue…


The Mediterranean Sea. Torrevieja. Spain

Have a nice and colorful weekend!

WPC: Infinite…Out or Inside?

This week WPC is about «Infinite»…

But what is Infinite?…Something big, great, with no limits…Something we can not really understand…

Something that occupies everything out there….

Or , perhaps, something that is hidden deep deep inside…

There you have two benches….

It is your choice….

You can open your eyes and look out for it….

Or, may be, as Milan Kundera wrote….

«If you are looking for infinity, just close your eyes!!»


You can use the other one…Nothing will disturb you!

You can think about it…Have a good weekend! 🙂


This week Frizz is playing with O…

As you may be know, I am not at home, but by the Mediterranean Sea…But, still, I try to go out and to look around….

Yesterday I saw this…And «Ornithology» came to my mind…Do I know anything about birds? Nothing at all….But I like them…And…You know?…I think that….

«Everybody is looking for something…» Torrevieja. Yesterday


Have a Good Day…Or a Good Night!