«The descent to Hades is the same from every place»


So…If we can find a nice place in the middle of the way, much better….

"The lowest bar in the world..."

Don´t you agree?
🙂 🙂

Would like to see more interpretations of «Descent«?That is the WPC challenge for this week!

Have a nice night, a good weekend and a great week!



Cover art for…Music

This is a picture I like very much….I took it in my hometown, Vitoria-Gasteiz…These modern stairs are encrusted in the walls of the medieval city…It is a place I always visit and revisit…Love the mood, the light, the shadows, the reflections…

Everytime I look at the photograph, I can not help but think about the same old song…It is a French song, that I think suits perfectly the pic…So, I have chosen both for this week´s WPC….

Take a moment…Look at the photograph…Listen to the music…And, if you would like to tell me what  you think,I will be here…

"And she came back alone..."

Title of the photo: «And she came back alone…»

Title of the song: «Il faut tourner la page»

Singer: Claude Nougaro

Link: http://youtu.be/gYfStlmc1CU

Fall´s refraction…

This evening I have been out with my camera…

C. arrived quite early and went running with the two “bestias” , so I was able to wander around looking for the fall´s light in the small things of the forest….

I was lucky….So, here is my second entry for this week´s WPC: “Refraction“…

"Fall´s light"
«In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous»

«The Swedish Chef! «

This week WordPress Photo Challenge  is nice….»Refraction!!»…

So, as I am enjoying cooking a lot these last weeks, I have decided to mix photography and cooking…Both of them are arts somehow, aren´t they? 🙂

No, do not worry…I am not going to post a nice and yummy piece of cake…

Just  my kitchen timer!!!!

"The Swedish Chef..."

Through a very nice glass of wine….

Who needs anything else? Food, photography, good wine and C.near by!!!

BTW: C. says my timer looks like the Swedish Chef….

Did you see «The Muppets» when you were young?

Have a great week!

WPC: «Dreamy»

This week, WPC challenges us to show something «dreamy » for us…

Some of you have been following my posts long enough to know that I really love the sea….

The Mediterranean Sea has been part of my life and dreams for almost all my life…But, last Christmas, I had the opportunity to know the Pacific Ocean…Oh!!! I can only say that the Pacific´s sunsets are something really really especial…

Every day was a different experience…

Here is one of them…

.A very soft one…

A dreamy one…

May be because, as Jane Roberts says,

«Dreaming or awake, we perceive only events that have meaning to us..»



«A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together is reality»

(Yoko Ono)



«But I, being poor, I have only my dreams… I have spread my dreams under your feet…Tread softly because you tread on my dreams..

(William Buttler Yeats)



«Perhaps life is just that…A dream and a fear…»

(Joseph Conrad)



Would you like to share your dreams with  a lot of people all across the world??? Go here , smile, breath slowly, and get ready…

Have a great weekend!!!



Looking for the South….

….A Sign that  Autumn is nearly here….

 Looking for the south

«Delicious Autumn!.My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the Earth seeking the successive autumns»

(George Eliot, in a letter to miss Eliot one October like this one, 173 years ago…)

In answer to WPC challenge: «SIGNS«…. Go there and enjoy looking at the different signs we find in our paths!!

WPC: » Endurance…»

This weekend the WPC proposed is «Endurance»…

I was looking through the dictionary to find a kind of inspiration, but it was not till I found this quote by William Barclay…

«Endurance is not the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory»

…that I realized I had the correct photograph and some words that could express what «Endurance» means to me…

«Sunset in Solitude…»

Sunset in Solitude...«And here I am

Waiting for the Future…

Daring for its Light…

Sitting among the darkness of my Present

And the ghosts of my Past…»

I have chosen the Black and White version…If you would like to see the color one you can visit my 500 px page..

Have a great weekend and check WPC page to see more wonderful interpretations…



WPC: «Humanity…»

WPC this week: «Humanity….»
«The Human race…»
«The state of being human…»
Let´s open our minds and our eyes….

Seen in Los Angeles, X-mas 2013….

«The important achievement of Apollo was demonstrating that Humanity is not forever chained to this planet and our visions go rather further than that, and our opportunities are unlimited»

      Neil Armstrong


Enjoy and have a great weekend!!! Do not forget to have a look to WPC page!


Adventure??? Adventure!!!



-«C, my dear, can you help me?»


-It’s this weekly challenge….This time it is «Adventure!»

-«Oh! Adventure!!! So…You will not have any problems in solving this challenge…»

-«But…I do not have any adventures!!!»

-«Excuse me???»

These lines express, more or less, what happened this evening when I read about the challenge…And, if I think about it, I have to agree with C…Yes….It is true…I have had many many adventures in my life..But I did not had a camera with me!!! It was part of my everyday life….And, I must admit, I miss it so much so many times!!!!

But life is life!

Now, my adventures, since I met C, have been absolutely different…But not worse!!!! May be even funnier… Because I have somebody to share it with ….

So, this time, and only this time, I am going to share some personal pics…


This adventure started when I first got married to C…That was the beginning of a real adventure!!!

..He brought me to South Africa, Zambia and Botswana…I LOVED the waterfalls…


I LOVED Botswana….It was like being in the middle of a National Geographic chapter…Everywhere I was able to smell ADVENTURE with capital letters!!!

Well…May be it helped me my particular sense of orientation…. 🙂


Since then,  we went to many wonderful places…I can not forget the excitement I felt when we walked together through the Siq towards the Petra´s Treasure…I felt like in the middle of Indiana Jones´film…


Or when we shared our wanderlust in Egypt…Although some times it was not so funny… It is kind of scary being that high up with a camel who has a mind of its own!


But in general I loved it…And I felt  completely integrated!!!


…I bet you realised that, at the beginning,  I said «When I first married» C.—


..Everything happened in the middle of a wonderful trip to the States…

I do not know if it was because of the breathtaking beauty of the Big Canyon…

USA 2009 379

..Or because of the happiness of being in Prescott or Tombstone, with its saloon´s ´doors…

DSCF4294 C. always says I have read too many books and seen too many films…He is right, of course! I grew up with the Westerns!!!! So, imagine my excitement when in Arizona…!! Everything was so right….That I started my next ADVENTURE…YES!!! I got married again!!!

Well, in fact, WE GOT MARRIED again!!DSCF4099

Yes….It was in Las Vegas…

Yes…Tinkerbelle…C´est moi… And the Roman General..Yes..It is C…

And YES! Of course!!! It was ELVIS who married us!!!




One only needs an horizon, a sea to cross…And maybe a companion…


Have a wonderful weekend…!!! And, if you want more, go to WPC page