“I wish I had a piano….”

This week, WPC is quite difficult and abstract: “Change”…

I was a bit lost, especially after so many weeks without taking part in those challenges, so…I decided to look for quotes about “Change”….And I found one that really suited me and one of the pics I took last week!!…

Here is the quote…

“Since we can not change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality”

Nikos Kazantzakis

And here is the pic…


Hope you like it!!!
Good weekend!!! And enjoy other entries here


“The butterfly and the fly…”

This week WPC is “Your muse”...


I have a soft spot for street photography but, currently, we are living in the country with two Border Collies (my “bestias”) I need to stroll everyday!  Thanks to God, our place is surrounded by woods crossed by a beautiful river with a lot of little hidden streams…

So…I can say that is my main muse….

Here is a pic from Yesterday…

And here my last “divertimento”…

 (For a better view, click on the image..It looks much better!!!)

One only needs imagination!!!
Have a great Sunday´s night!


“Walking in the street…”

Good morning!!!

Today is Saturday…Summer is almost here and the Sun is Shinning with pleasure…

So…Grab your Shoes and go to the Street….Feel the happiness of being alive!!!!

“Walking in the street…”

"Walking in the Street..."

A happy interpretation of “Roy G. Biv“, for the WPC of this week…

WPC: “Off Season….”

Just this weekend I was in Santander, a very nice coastal town in the North of Spain….And it was cold and humid….

But this is one of those nice places with a wonderful beach in the middle of the city that one just can not avoid….

So, somehow, everybody seemed to find a moment to stroll on the sand….Near by the water…Feeling the ocean breeze..

I took this pic from the hotel window….I think the highkey helps to concentrate on people…It is like a small Universe on its own, don´t you think???


In answer to WPC challenge: “Off Season”
Have a great weekend!



This week WPC is “Intricate”

Intricate…Can you think about something more intricate than our deep feelings and desires?  But that is difficult to photograph…. 🙂 🙂

So, I was thinking and thinking…Quite intricate our thoughts as well… 😉

Out I went, with my “bestias”… And voilà! Forest was full of intricate patterns….

Some of them too obvious… Like the tree branches playing together, dancing with the wind…

But some of them more subtle… Look at this…

Isn´t it Intricate?

Have a good weekend everybody


“Crucifixion (Viernes Santo)…”

I know Easter is over, but I have been working on this image that I think suits the WPC: “Blurred”…

You will tell me….

"Crucifixion...(Viernes Santo)"



“Whispers under the rain…”

This week, the WordPress Challenge is “Blurred”

Last weekend it was raining with a lot of wind…I was feeling really safe inside our car, so I decided to take some pics….Most of them came out quite blurred!!! 😦

I was thinking about discarding this one…But then, I thought that may be with a little bit of processing I could achieve something different….

Here is the result….

“Whispers under the rain…”

"""Whispers under the rain...".