This is my first post after quite a long time…. And I am really happy the WPC has chosen this subject, “Landscape“, because  I was working yesterday on this photograph from our Christmas holidays…

I have been looking for answers to some questions… One of them related to my photographic style… I was very worried, because I was feeling I was losing the track and, at the same time, wasting my time…

I have spent a lot of time working, reading, looking at other´s works… And I think I am nearer to what I would like to do than before…

I must say I have missed all of you… I hope you are still there, and I hope you would like this….



Monument Valley, Utah






“Yellow umbrella…”

This is another post under the WPC: “Vibrant”

It is a street from Dijon, during a rainy day…

“The yellow umbrella”


I hope you like it… It is going to be the last one for a while… I have been quite on and off during the last months, but now it is time to stop, to think and to take a decision… Hopefully it will not take long… Anyway, I will check your posts from time to time! 🙂

Have a nice day, a nice week, a nice month…

With love to you all,



“Rainy Night…”

Yesterday night… Raining cats and dogs…. But I decided to try it!!!



Many thanks to my C. who pushed me to go out in the middle of the rain with my umbrella, my camera, my tripod, my raincoat…. He stayed home, taking care of the dogs!!!!

Good night!

WPC: “Weight(less)”

This week, the WPC hosted by Ben Huberman wants us to play with weight….

I think it is perfect for a photograph I took these Holidays inside the Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona….

I need to write quite a lot more about this fantastic trip… But let´s stay on our subject….

The question is that I find fascinating this photograph… You see…It is sandstone, but is huge, and is heavy… And the impression one gets from this point of view is that is almost floating, facing the wind,  like a feminine figurehead, blind to the storms and to the passage of time…

“The Blind Face…”

"The Blind Face..."

What do you think?
Have a Happy weekend!!!



Martes: “I have a magical forest…” (and VIII)

Well….This is my last post on this subject….

I have chosen a photograph I like very much, because it shows a dark path… But surrounded by golden light….

"The golden path..."

Life is made of multiple choices and we can not be at a crossroads forever… Sometimes we will choose a good one, sometimes a bad one… But we can  always learn something, and we should keep a beam of hope in our hearts…

Hope that even in the darkest moments, you will be able to feel that gold light around you…

Have a great Christmas with all your loved ones and see you next year!!!!

Martes: “I have a magical forest…”(VII)

Yesterday (!) was Tuesday… In my defense I must say Yesterday was Bank Holiday!!! 🙂 🙂

But here is another photograph of my magical forest….

This is a photograph I really like… You will tell me what do you think…

“Dark days and dark nights…”


Have a great week!!



And now…More eyes….

I have to say I really like this week´s WPC: “eye spy”

I know “eye” can stand for many more things…But it is so funny to stand by the first one that comes to our mind…

My previous post was with my C. eyes….

Now something different…

Last year we went to a medieval festival were some of the most striking things were the raptors…They were really posing!!!

You will see now!!

 🙂 🙂




..And these eyes…

…Are  C. eyes….


This photo is in answer to WPC: “eye spy“…

BTW:  And if you want to see my portrait, go here… 🙂

Hope you like them!

Have a great weekend!!!