«Shaken River»

This week  WPC proposes a nice challenge: turn the familiar into something abstract… I have chosen this pic: it is my river, a very sunny day….


I only had to put on an ND filter, take it with long exposure and shake the camera a little bit…et voilà!

Have a very good weekend!


BTW: I have some problems with the blog.. I do not receive e mail notifications.. Do you?



«Yellow umbrella…»

This is another post under the WPC: «Vibrant»

It is a street from Dijon, during a rainy day…

«The yellow umbrella»


I hope you like it… It is going to be the last one for a while… I have been quite on and off during the last months, but now it is time to stop, to think and to take a decision… Hopefully it will not take long… Anyway, I will check your posts from time to time! 🙂

Have a nice day, a nice week, a nice month…

With love to you all,



«…And I run and run and run towards the light through the forest…»

I have been reading a lot about forests and mithology lately and I thought about that when taking the pic and processing it…
And that is exactly what I was trying to find: thrilling but attractive, dark but not scary…!!!
And I thought blue color would help with that…

Hope you like it!..To get a deeper feeling..Click on the image!

In answer to WPC: «Monochromatic…»
Have a great weekend!


I took this pic yesterday, in the same spot than before yesterday…But it was later, and the Sun made nice reflections in the water…

When I saw it, it made me think about the Universe, and the cosmogony…

Everywhere we can find a microcosm, a reflection of a higher reality…

What is reality…?

Where do we live…?

What is this  dragonfly thinking while grasping that leaf…?

Looking at the bokeh… We know it is just the reflection of the water that flows below…

Or may be not…???


Funny, isn´t it?
Have a great day!

«Walking in the street…»

Good morning!!!

Today is Saturday…Summer is almost here and the Sun is Shinning with pleasure…

So…Grab your Shoes and go to the Street….Feel the happiness of being alive!!!!

«Walking in the street…»

"Walking in the Street..."

A happy interpretation of «Roy G. Biv«, for the WPC of this week…

«Fight for your dreams….»

Yesterday, while walking with the dogs, I saw a buch of beautiful daisies….I decided to photograph them from another POV….And, when I came home, I discovered on the screen this little bug climbing with what seemed a lo of effort…

That, somehow, inspired me…

And here is the result…

Hope you like it!! 🙂 🙂

«Fight for your dreams…»

"Fight for your dreams..."


Happy Friday everybody!!


«Up and down, right and left…»

This week, WPC is «Motion»...

Here is a different approach….

«Up and down, right and left..

Raindrops dancing on a windshield…»

"Up and down, right and left..."

An abstract collage…Hope you like it!


«New Moon…» (Happy New Chinese Year!)

«And now, we welcome the New Year…Full of things that have never been…»
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

"New moon..."


PD: BTW: I think it goes very well with Ailsa´s travel theme for this week: Energy….The energy of the Universe, always in motion….

Happy weekend everybody!