QQQ Challenge….? Street Quote!!!

Today is raining….It is windy…It is an Autumn day…

But…I had to go out with Sigh and Neo as every other day…. Now , I understand the meaning of the sentence: «Hace un día de perros»…Because only people with dogs are out taking a nice walk!!!

So, we went out…And we came back….And I had to take off ALL my clothes….(yes, all!!!)…May be I should explain here that Sigh and Neo hate umbrellas!!!

Did it upset me? Not at all!!! I did it, I dried Sigh and Neo with the hair dryer, and I took a cold beer from the bridge that I am just drinking now…

And here comes my contribution to Frizz´s challenge:

Are you having a bad day? Is someone pushing you? Are you sad? Don´t you know how do you feel?…The Street has the answer…

«Anarchy and cold beer!»


Have a nice day!