«WPC: Edge «

I know I already posted something for this challenge this morning but, suddenly, I remembered something perfect …!!!!

It was last Christmas… We went to Arizona, to visit C.´s family… They had a beautiful surprise for us: a trip to  Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon (Upper and Lower), and surroundings, including….The famous Horseshoe!

I was really very excited about this place, as I had seen wonderful pics …. But when we arrived…. Well…. I was absolutely terrified!!!! One has to be really really close to the edge to be able to take a perfect photo of the Horse shoe…!!!

Here you can see C (in red) absolutely close to the edge, and the photo he was able to take… As you can imagine, I was at the back, far away, fighting with the fear of hights!!!!

In answer to WPC: «Edge»

Have a good weekend!


WPC: «Weight(less)»

This week, the WPC hosted by Ben Huberman wants us to play with weight….

I think it is perfect for a photograph I took these Holidays inside the Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona….

I need to write quite a lot more about this fantastic trip… But let´s stay on our subject….

The question is that I find fascinating this photograph… You see…It is sandstone, but is huge, and is heavy… And the impression one gets from this point of view is that is almost floating, facing the wind,  like a feminine figurehead, blind to the storms and to the passage of time…

«The Blind Face…»

"The Blind Face..."

What do you think?
Have a Happy weekend!!!



Merry Christmas to all of you….

Hi everybody…

It is going to be difficult to have a regular access to my computer….So, I want to give all of you a big hug….

Merry Christmas, white or not, from the sunny Arizona….

Love, peace, and health for everybody!


Golden Sunset at Tombstone, Arizona

Here I am again…

And I can not think of a better way to re-start than answering this week´s Daily Post Challenge: «The Golden Hour»
This is one of my favourites (I think it is nicer if you click on the image to enlarge it! 🙂 )…

I was only missing the western soundtrack…

Main Street. Tombstone, Arizona.

Golden Sunset