«A poppy´s summer dream…»

We are in September already!

But summer is not so far away…

Still we can feel the heat of the last sunbeams and remember the happy memories….

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Have a great day!



«Be faithful in small things…»

Yesterday I was cleaning the house…»Las bestias» are not with me, so I had plenty of time…

I found many things from the «old times»… And, suddently, I felt a little nostalgia for the past… Travels, adventures, people…

…I sat in the floor, in the middle of the room, surrounded by photographs and papers…

…Then, I went out, to the garden… The only colour green, and the only noise the birdsong…

…And I thought that everything was ok… There is a time for everything… For every moment…. For every place… And even for a rest…!

«Be faithful in small things

because it is in them that your strength lies..»

(Mother Teresa)

"Be faithful in small things..."
Have a good day all of you!


«Earth laughs in flowers…»

This is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I think  suits perfectly this photograph I took yesterday in the forest behind our house…

I do not know if I told you I have a new camera…This one seems to have a soul…A soul that likes to connect with other souls of (apparently) inanimate things..It is the camera who leads me towards the beautiful little things that are around me, sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes just a glint between  leaves,,,

Here I leave you with these flowers…You will tell me if you think the quote suits it! 🙂

"Earth laughs in flowers.."

I absolutely recommend to click on the image!
Have a great weekend everybody!


Thursday´s Special: «Eyes and Hearts»

«Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing»

Camille Pisarro


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