Travel Theme: Friendship

Very funny to discover this morning that Ailsa´s theme for this week is «Friendship»

Just this week I took this pic of my two «bestias»….

I like it because they give the feeling they are chit chatting about their own things, enjoying the weather and the path… Like a couple of friends!!! 🙂 🙂


«Don´t walk behind me; I may not lead.

Don´t walk in front of me; I may not follow.

Just walk beside me and be my friend»

(Albert Camus)

(I think I have used this quote another time but I love it!! 🙂 )

BTW: Still the same problems with WordPress.. I tried to re-subscribe individually and it lasted for two days only, so I am a bit slow reading all your posts!!!

Have a great Sunday!



Happy week!


They say a smile says more than a thousand words….
So, maybe this is a good image for a Silent Sunday post! 🙂

Cheers from Sigh and Neo!

"Happy week!"

Have a great week everybody!


Photo 101: Bliss…

Well…I must admit I had to look at the definition of this word!!!! But now that I know its meaning, I can not think about anything else…

«Las bestias»….Those are my two Border Collies, a bunch of energy anytime and with any weather…Even if I feel blue…I can not help to smile when I look at them…

What do you think? You can click on any of the pics to start the presentation! 🙂


 Have a great and happy day!


There are many things that make me happy…
Some of them are big, some are small…
Some of them expensive…Most of them absolutely free….
And, even in my saddests moments, there is something that never fails (apart from my C. of course!!! 🙂 🙂 )

My two bestias, Sigh and Neo!!!
"Happy Border Collies"

Have a happy weekend!!! And check on Sue´s post…It will put a smile on your face!!!


Thursday….!! That means Thursday Special, hosted by Paula…And, after checking the posts of people I am following, I found that Coreen, in «My Photo Someone´s Quote»  spoke today about something really important and special: True Friendship…

So, here is my post….



True frienship, love and loyalty,….

Well, and sometimes a little like a pain in the neck….For instance, now….I think it is because snow is arriving…And because the two dogs of the neighbour are outside, of course!!!

Have a good day!!!!

So many R´s….!!!

This week Frizz reaches the RRR….And Sigh, Neo and I, we are very happy….Here is our contribution to the challenge…Just a Result from our last walk, this Sunday…

Ready? Right paw on the air!!!


And now…Running like mad!!!! Ey! but take care what are you Running through!

Sometimes the emotion is so big….

…That they seem to Rise from the Road like a star…Look at Neo!!!

Rising like a moon!

So…It is Right to say we had a great day!!!

We finished Really dirty…But we are in the middle of the Rainy season!!!!

Look at these  wonderful Reflections!

Reflection after a rainy day!

Hope you enjoyed!!!


I Was Born Under a Wandering Star….

I Was Born Under a Wandering Star...

 My Sigh…Walking alone

What else could I post in answer to Cee´s Black and White Challenge: «Your Favourite Thing»?


Carefree, Happy, Merry, Cheerful, Full of Life!

I have been thinking about the new challenge Sheri proposes us for this week from the «Weekly Photo Challenge»….Magical summer memories…

This summer has been the first one with Sigh and Neo on the beach…And I truly believe not only humans have great and magical moments…

What do you think?


Time To Get Fresh!!!!

This challenge is just perfect….

Everyday  is so hot in my village that I can only do one thing for Sigh and Neo…

I know we have to go out….But we try to do it   early in the morning…And we finish every day on the River!!!

It always surprises me…It is full of life and gives the freshness to everything and everybody…

Here you can see….

Sigh, fresh…


Neo, feeling fresh…


Fresh flowers in the Bernesga River…


Then, I go home…

And at night, when C. comes from work, we get fresh….But in a different way…


I do not know…But may be it is a better way of refreshing?????