Damascene Work in Toledo, Spain

This week, for the Daily Post Challenge, «Pattern», I have chosen a craftwork that is made in Toledo, Spain: Damascene Work.
As it is made by hand, it is impossible to find two pieces alike…

The work is hard:
-1º: Artisans have to shape the piece of iron or steel they are going to work with.
-2º: They have to mark it: to créate lines, shapes….All with a little chisel.
-3º: Here it comes: they have to embed a gold thread, or a silver one, or even a tiny gold sheet with a flat base punch very small (1 mm diameter!)
-4º:Then they use a wider punch (well…Only 3 mm diameter!) and a special hammer, to fix the threads or the sheets with a lot of accuracy…
-5º: After, the piece must be darkened through a chemical process.
-6º: Finally, the artist must still burnish the piece with burins and chisels to polish it, to increase or decrease contrast…

And here is the result….


I have to say I love it!!!! What about you? Do you like it?