«Dragonfly in Black and White. Detail.»

Yesterday I was taking some pics of dragonflies in one of the forests that surround our place… It is crossed by a stream of clear water and there are many plants where those little libellules dance hidden and safe under long and green  leaves…

There were a lot of them….Shinning like gems under the Sun and the reflections of water…But Today, I am going to post this detail in Black and White…I think this way is possible to admire a little more the details… What do you think?

(click the image to see it better! 🙂 )

"Dragonfly in Black and White"

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Closing for holidays….

Exploring the World

I will be…

Enjoy all meanwhile!!


Dragonfly and Flower. Bernesga River. Carbajal de la Legua.

Dear all…I will come back in 15 days more or less…

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Exploring the Environment with an Entomological Eye…

Yesterday morning I went strolling with Sigh and Neo, Frizz´s challenge (EEE) on my mind…And while they were refreshing on a small creek, I saw a little and blue insect…

I took my camera, and I shoot many many pics, face to face…….And, when I came back home, I was shocked!

(I think it looks much better if you click on the image!!!!)