«Small beauty….»

This week, WPC is about the forces of nature…

I know Nature impresses us in many ways: wind, rain, tornados….

Many moments when we are aware of our smallness here on the Mother Earth…

But, thanks to God, Nature gives us small pieces of  calm, and glory, and happiness…

…And beauty……

Have a great Sunday!


WPC: «Dialogue…»

This week WPC is quite challenging: «Dialogue»….

How can you express a voice, an exchange of words, of feelings, of fears, of dreams…through some images???

I will try…

Let me show you something….

"Short as any dream.."
"Swinging in the air..."
What do you think now??


«Hear one side and you will be in the dark. Hear both and all will be clear»
Thomas Chandler Haliburton


Go to WPC page to see more interesting interpretations…And happy weekend!!!

«Earth laughs in flowers…»

This is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I think  suits perfectly this photograph I took yesterday in the forest behind our house…

I do not know if I told you I have a new camera…This one seems to have a soul…A soul that likes to connect with other souls of (apparently) inanimate things..It is the camera who leads me towards the beautiful little things that are around me, sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes just a glint between  leaves,,,

Here I leave you with these flowers…You will tell me if you think the quote suits it! 🙂

"Earth laughs in flowers.."

I absolutely recommend to click on the image!
Have a great weekend everybody!


«Romantic Landscape…»

This is what Spring means to me….Colour, Beauty, Smell, Love, Art….
Happiness and Romance!
Everything seems to be possible in Springtime…

"Romantic landscape..."

.Click on the image and enjoy a better view!!!

In answer to WPC: «Spring» and Frizz´s challenge: «tagged R»!

Yes!!! It is time to smile!!!!…..(or not???)

I have been feeling a bit blue lately…

Spring is very strange this year…

I think it is getting lost…

One day is near by and the next one seems to be far away…

I am longing for sun, sun and sun…

So,  we (that is : Sigh, Neo and me) we have decided to go out and to look for small clues…And , at the same time, answer to Cee´s weekly challenge:  «The season of Spring»…

Hey!!!…..Did you see??? As Neo and Sigh would say…

«It is time to smile….


…It is Springtime!!!!


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A pale dream…

I had a pale dream
made of pink light…
…But it was so full of life!!


(No photoshop has been used. More pics here)

In answer to Ailsa´s challenge: «Pale»

I posted it some time ago…But I think it suited this challenge! 🙂

Tomorrow is going to snow…

…But today I have made these wonderful pics!

No photoshop has been used to edit any of them…

Hope you enjoy!



(In addition, I pick PINK for Cee´s challenge!)