«A poppy´s summer dream…»

We are in September already!

But summer is not so far away…

Still we can feel the heat of the last sunbeams and remember the happy memories….

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Have a great day!



«Pink softness…»

I have seen the Sun today!!!! Incredible, after so many days with rain, rain and more rain!!!

May be Springtime is around?

I think this deserves a nice and soft photograph….

"Pink softness"

Pink bud and bokeh

Hope you like it!!!

Happy sunny day!!!

(at least somewhere!!! 🙂 🙂 )


Happy week!


They say a smile says more than a thousand words….
So, maybe this is a good image for a Silent Sunday post! 🙂

Cheers from Sigh and Neo!

"Happy week!"

Have a great week everybody!


«Small beauty….»

This week, WPC is about the forces of nature…

I know Nature impresses us in many ways: wind, rain, tornados….

Many moments when we are aware of our smallness here on the Mother Earth…

But, thanks to God, Nature gives us small pieces of  calm, and glory, and happiness…

…And beauty……

Have a great Sunday!


Photo 101: Bliss…

Well…I must admit I had to look at the definition of this word!!!! But now that I know its meaning, I can not think about anything else…

«Las bestias»….Those are my two Border Collies, a bunch of energy anytime and with any weather…Even if I feel blue…I can not help to smile when I look at them…

What do you think? You can click on any of the pics to start the presentation! 🙂


 Have a great and happy day!

«Romantic Landscape…»

This is what Spring means to me….Colour, Beauty, Smell, Love, Art….
Happiness and Romance!
Everything seems to be possible in Springtime…

"Romantic landscape..."

.Click on the image and enjoy a better view!!!

In answer to WPC: «Spring» and Frizz´s challenge: «tagged R»!

When we were Young and Happy….

When we were young and happy

We did not have that much…

Just the sun, the sea, the sand and the moon

and our hearts full of dreams…

But we were feeling so rich!!

Now we still have the sun and the moon…

Even the sea sometimes…

But our hearts are empy…

They drained with each beat through the years…

«Too late, too late, too late…»

Should we trust them?

Is there a time for dreams?


Torrevieja, one week ago…

(click on the picture to feel it better! )

In answer to Paula´s Thursday Special and to Cee´s Fun Foto, Two

Have a great day!

Summer afternoon in an Autumn´s day….(aka «Silhouettes on the Beach»)

Frizz´s challenge  this week  is SSS….I was thinking in advance about posting another entry but,…You know? I am again in Torrevieja, near Alicante…Today we were 27 degrees….And I could not resist….So, here it comes…My «Summer afternoon in an Autumn´s day..»

(Click on it to feel it better…And, yes, I understand you… 🙂 🙂 )


Travel Theme: Through…

«But O, how bitter a thing it is

to look into happiness

through another man´s eyes»

William Shakespeare


A different approach to Ailsa´s this week challenge: «Through»

Carefree, Happy, Merry, Cheerful, Full of Life!

I have been thinking about the new challenge Sheri proposes us for this week from the «Weekly Photo Challenge»….Magical summer memories…

This summer has been the first one with Sigh and Neo on the beach…And I truly believe not only humans have great and magical moments…

What do you think?