There are many things that make me happy…
Some of them are big, some are small…
Some of them expensive…Most of them absolutely free….
And, even in my saddests moments, there is something that never fails (apart from my C. of course!!! 🙂 🙂 )

My two bestias, Sigh and Neo!!!
"Happy Border Collies"

Have a happy weekend!!! And check on Sue´s post…It will put a smile on your face!!!

Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: things that make you happy!

Cee´s challenge is great: things that make you happy!
There are so many!!! So difficult to choose some…But, today, getting ready for my X-mas travel I have seen this pic C. took few days ago…

Happy Sigh

And I think that having C. and Sigh close to me, and happy like that, is the only thing I really need for being «Feliz como una perdiz»..(Happy happy!)

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Happy holidays!