«Pink softness…»

I have seen the Sun today!!!! Incredible, after so many days with rain, rain and more rain!!!

May be Springtime is around?

I think this deserves a nice and soft photograph….

"Pink softness"

Pink bud and bokeh

Hope you like it!!!

Happy sunny day!!!

(at least somewhere!!! 🙂 🙂 )


«Whispers under the rain…»

This week, the WordPress Challenge is «Blurred»

Last weekend it was raining with a lot of wind…I was feeling really safe inside our car, so I decided to take some pics….Most of them came out quite blurred!!! 😦

I was thinking about discarding this one…But then, I thought that may be with a little bit of processing I could achieve something different….

Here is the result….

«Whispers under the rain…»

"""Whispers under the rain...".