«WPC: Edge «

I know I already posted something for this challenge this morning but, suddenly, I remembered something perfect …!!!!

It was last Christmas… We went to Arizona, to visit C.´s family… They had a beautiful surprise for us: a trip to  Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon (Upper and Lower), and surroundings, including….The famous Horseshoe!

I was really very excited about this place, as I had seen wonderful pics …. But when we arrived…. Well…. I was absolutely terrified!!!! One has to be really really close to the edge to be able to take a perfect photo of the Horse shoe…!!!

Here you can see C (in red) absolutely close to the edge, and the photo he was able to take… As you can imagine, I was at the back, far away, fighting with the fear of hights!!!!

In answer to WPC: «Edge»

Have a good weekend!


«The end of the World…»

This is Torrevieja, a little Spanish town open to the Mediterranean Sea…

The seashore is full of these white benches, planted like seeds along the seashore…

People really like them, specially at sunset, when the red from the sunset plunges into the Mediterranean waters…

One can have the feeling one is just by oneself, close to the end of the World, where nothing really matters, only life and nature…


In answer to this week WPC: «Edge»

Have a great weekend!



«Shaken River»

This week  WPC proposes a nice challenge: turn the familiar into something abstract… I have chosen this pic: it is my river, a very sunny day….


I only had to put on an ND filter, take it with long exposure and shake the camera a little bit…et voilà!

Have a very good weekend!


BTW: I have some problems with the blog.. I do not receive e mail notifications.. Do you?




This is my first post after quite a long time…. And I am really happy the WPC has chosen this subject, «Landscape«, because  I was working yesterday on this photograph from our Christmas holidays…

I have been looking for answers to some questions… One of them related to my photographic style… I was very worried, because I was feeling I was losing the track and, at the same time, wasting my time…

I have spent a lot of time working, reading, looking at other´s works… And I think I am nearer to what I would like to do than before…

I must say I have missed all of you… I hope you are still there, and I hope you would like this….



Monument Valley, Utah






«Looking for the lost dreams…»

I took this picture just few days ago…I got for Christmas a lot of nice gadgets for my camera…So, even if it was cold, C. and the bestias were very happy to go with me to the deep forest to try some of them….

And here is one of the results…I used an ND 400 filter, and changed the colour of the scene, because this way I do not know, but it was more enchanting..More fairy like….

But nothing else…I was so pleased with the light´s reflections and the general effect…!!

…It conveys a sensation of serenity to me….What do you think? ( it is better if you click on the image! 🙂 )

"Looking for the lost dreams..."

In answer to WPC: «Serenity»…Check it during the weekend!!! It´s worth it!!!
Happy days…And nights!


WPC: » Endurance…»

This weekend the WPC proposed is «Endurance»…

I was looking through the dictionary to find a kind of inspiration, but it was not till I found this quote by William Barclay…

«Endurance is not the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory»

…that I realized I had the correct photograph and some words that could express what «Endurance» means to me…

«Sunset in Solitude…»

Sunset in Solitude...«And here I am

Waiting for the Future…

Daring for its Light…

Sitting among the darkness of my Present

And the ghosts of my Past…»

I have chosen the Black and White version…If you would like to see the color one you can visit my 500 px page..

Have a great weekend and check WPC page to see more wonderful interpretations…



Back into my Magical Reality…

As some of you already know, I usually walk with my two Border Collies, Sigh and Neo, every day through the forest…
Now, holydays are over, and I am back to my real life…Back home, back to our walks, back to the old forest…

Well….The forest is the forest…Some days it looks better…Another days it looks grey and humid….

But, somehow, I find that the important thing is my mood…My mood that drives my soul and my eyes…

…And I am able to see a magical and fairy  landscape where other people see a foggy day…

In the depths of the forest...
«Few people have the imagination for reality»

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This post is in answer to Jake´s challenge: «Reality»
Also is part of «Black and White Tuesdays…»
And, may be….Frizz can be happy with my B…»Back»
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In answer to Ailsa´s challenge: «Still«, I am going to use one of Torrevieja´s  images from last week…

When you see stillness in front of you seems that part of it goes into your soul…


¡Qué quietas están las cosas! Y qué bien se está con ellas…

(Juan Ramón Jiménez)

High Trees in a Winter Landscape…

Cold is here, and I have been looking through my winter pictures…

Last year,like every year, we spent our X-mas in C.´s house…He is from Syracuse, New York, and the landscape in Winter is absolutely magic…Trees are high, high, high, and old and wise, for sure…

Winter Forest

«In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer»

Albert Camus

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