Adventure??? Adventure!!!



-«C, my dear, can you help me?»


-It’s this weekly challenge….This time it is «Adventure!»

-«Oh! Adventure!!! So…You will not have any problems in solving this challenge…»

-«But…I do not have any adventures!!!»

-«Excuse me???»

These lines express, more or less, what happened this evening when I read about the challenge…And, if I think about it, I have to agree with C…Yes….It is true…I have had many many adventures in my life..But I did not had a camera with me!!! It was part of my everyday life….And, I must admit, I miss it so much so many times!!!!

But life is life!

Now, my adventures, since I met C, have been absolutely different…But not worse!!!! May be even funnier… Because I have somebody to share it with ….

So, this time, and only this time, I am going to share some personal pics…


This adventure started when I first got married to C…That was the beginning of a real adventure!!!

..He brought me to South Africa, Zambia and Botswana…I LOVED the waterfalls…


I LOVED Botswana….It was like being in the middle of a National Geographic chapter…Everywhere I was able to smell ADVENTURE with capital letters!!!

Well…May be it helped me my particular sense of orientation…. 🙂


Since then,  we went to many wonderful places…I can not forget the excitement I felt when we walked together through the Siq towards the Petra´s Treasure…I felt like in the middle of Indiana Jones´film…


Or when we shared our wanderlust in Egypt…Although some times it was not so funny… It is kind of scary being that high up with a camel who has a mind of its own!


But in general I loved it…And I felt  completely integrated!!!


…I bet you realised that, at the beginning,  I said «When I first married» C.—


..Everything happened in the middle of a wonderful trip to the States…

I do not know if it was because of the breathtaking beauty of the Big Canyon…

USA 2009 379

..Or because of the happiness of being in Prescott or Tombstone, with its saloon´s ´doors…

DSCF4294 C. always says I have read too many books and seen too many films…He is right, of course! I grew up with the Westerns!!!! So, imagine my excitement when in Arizona…!! Everything was so right….That I started my next ADVENTURE…YES!!! I got married again!!!

Well, in fact, WE GOT MARRIED again!!DSCF4099

Yes….It was in Las Vegas…

Yes…Tinkerbelle…C´est moi… And the Roman General..Yes..It is C…

And YES! Of course!!! It was ELVIS who married us!!!




One only needs an horizon, a sea to cross…And maybe a companion…


Have a wonderful weekend…!!! And, if you want more, go to WPC page






Travel Theme: Bright

Ok, ok…I agree…After so much darkness, rain, wind and cold weather we need something bright..Something to warm our souls, our hands and our hearts…

Here are some bright pics, answering to Ailsa´s week challenge:

Please, tick on one of the pics to see them bigger and start the little show…