«Crucifixion (Viernes Santo)…»

I know Easter is over, but I have been working on this image that I think suits the WPC: «Blurred»…

You will tell me….

"Crucifixion...(Viernes Santo)"



Photo 101: Landmark…

My sense of orientation is very very bad.-..But I can manage quite well if I am able to identify some landmarks…

This is one the first I used when I arrived to this city..It is located just in the middle of the city, so it was very handy!!!

It is called «La negrilla»…That means «Little black woman», but seems to be «el negrillo» was also a kind of tree very common in these part of the country that dissapeared some time ago…So it is a  tribute to it…

La negrilla. León.
.La Negrilla. Plaza de Santo Domingo. León.

Autor: Amancio González

«The circle of life…»

Early in the morning, yesterday…

.I was taking some pics when something caught my eye…

The pilgrim (he has a little «concha» in his luggage) moved himself his weelchair, lit a cigarette, and fixed his sight on the young girls with the baby stroller…And he left me this present…(Click on the image to feel it better!)

«The circle of life…»

"The circle of life..."
I thought it could be a good shot for WPC: «Street life«….What do you think?

«Ready for Sochi….»

Yesterday we went skiing….Well….My C. went skiing….

Meanwhile, I had almost four hours to take pictures…

I love this one….It is simple, but full of meaning to me, as an outsider…If you click on it, you can discover many many things… 🙂

«People». San Isidro, León.


Life´s too Short…

This week Ailsa´s challenge is «Short»…

I was thinking and thinking…

And reading and reading, looking for a clue…

And, suddently!, I saw this… (click on the image to fully enjoy it!!!)

«Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?»

Friedrich Nietzsche


León, Plaza de la Regla

Family in Black&White

This week, Sonel´s Black &White Weekly Challenge is about «Family»….Family but in a wide sense…

«Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.

Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one».

Jane Howard («Families»)


San Martín del Camino, León, Spain

Travel Theme: Walls…

his week, Ailsa´s photo challenge is about WALLS…

She said…»Do not be a fly on the wall and join in the fun»….

Well ….Sorry….

…But here it is…A Fly on the Wall (León, Spain)

I am a fly on the wall


But  I have more walls without flies….

Hope you will enjoy them…