«A poppy´s summer dream…»

We are in September already!

But summer is not so far away…

Still we can feel the heat of the last sunbeams and remember the happy memories….

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Have a great day!



«…And I run and run and run towards the light through the forest…»

I have been reading a lot about forests and mithology lately and I thought about that when taking the pic and processing it…
And that is exactly what I was trying to find: thrilling but attractive, dark but not scary…!!!
And I thought blue color would help with that…

Hope you like it!..To get a deeper feeling..Click on the image!

In answer to WPC: «Monochromatic…»
Have a great weekend!


This week WPC is «Intricate»

Intricate…Can you think about something more intricate than our deep feelings and desires?  But that is difficult to photograph…. 🙂 🙂

So, I was thinking and thinking…Quite intricate our thoughts as well… 😉

Out I went, with my «bestias»… And voilà! Forest was full of intricate patterns….

Some of them too obvious… Like the tree branches playing together, dancing with the wind…

But some of them more subtle… Look at this…

Isn´t it Intricate?

Have a good weekend everybody


Photo 101: Mystery…

Today´s challenge is very interesting….Are we able to create a sense of mystery with the help of  light???

I was this weekend in Ourense, a wonderful city in the North of Spain….A must of that city is its wonderful Cathedral…

We were very lucky..We had a guided visit, so we learned a lot of things….The only problem is that, sometimes, I did not have enough time to take good photographs…

But, when looking at them slowly,,,,,Sometimes a problem leads to a very interesting shoot…


What do you think? Does it have a sense of mystery?

Good weekend!

Fall´s refraction…

This evening I have been out with my camera…

C. arrived quite early and went running with the two “bestias” , so I was able to wander around looking for the fall´s light in the small things of the forest….

I was lucky….So, here is my second entry for this week´s WPC: “Refraction“…

"Fall´s light"
«In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous»

Frizz´s «L»: «Under the light…»

This week Frizz´s challenge is «L«…
I have been thinking…And may be it could be nice to pay my respects to the light, being so important in photography!
I hope you like this pic…I took it in one side street in Cairo, quite far from the touristic routes…

«Under the light…»

"Under the light..."

  «Wherever there is light, one can photograph»

Alfred Stieglitz


Nature is luminous…

This week Ailsa´s Theme is «Illuminated«…There are many kinds of lights and illuminations but I have chosen to rescue this  image from last year, when I was trying different apertures and speeds during a winter day…..

I made a mistake, a was a bit rookie on manual focus, but the result was quite magical (I think! :))…You should click on the image to enlarge it…

Magical crane

«Every moment of light and dark is a miracle»

Walt Whitman

Sometimes, after failing or making a mistake, light and truth are there, waiting in silence…


WPC: «Let there be light…»

«And God said, Let there be light; He willet it, and at once there was light…»

(Genesis 1:3)

Rising to the sky...

«…And God saw the light, and it was good, and God divided the light from the darkness…»

(Genesis 1:4)

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Have a great weekend!!!