Photo101: Home

Well!!! November started three days ago and brought with it the cold weather and the rain…And also a new commitment: I am going to take part of Photography101…One pic everyday…!!!

This first day we need to show in a photo what is «Home» for us…

A place? A state of mind? A building? A person? May be a memory?..

Difficult to choose…

Is it always the same? Is it something that changes with one´s experiences??

I think the base of the feeling is always the same….At least to be, Home means being anywhere with my loved ones:   My man and my two dogs…:) 🙂


If I could choose,….Well, if I could choose I would change the cold weather for a nice and sunny place by the Mediterranean coast…But may be that will not be Home but the Paradise!!! 🙂 🙂

Have a good day! And see U tomorrow!!!

«I will always love you…»

"I will always love you..."

Have a great Saint Valentine´s Day!

I have been thinking…May be this pic can suit Ailsa´s challenge…Because, to me, true romance is that kind of wonderful feeling that fills your mind, your soul, your heart…

Like when we were children…Remember that summer you were on holidays and just there, by the sea, you saw the most wonderful girl you had ever seen? Remember how did you promised eternal love to her?…

Now we can look back and smile to it…But then…



Xanadu X-ists….

I have been out, back to the Spanish Mediterranean coast…
As always, the weather has been wonderful for this time of the year…C., «las bestias» and I, we had a wonderful time all together…
I was even lucky….I found inspiration for Frizz challenge, this week a difficult «XXX», and Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge, «Alone»…
Do you remember «Xanadu», the song? The last sentence says…

«…Now that I´m here
Now that you´re near
in Xanadu…»
"All you need is Love..."
They were together, they were alone in the whole world, in their own Paradise, and their sea was not sunless…

Sometimes, the only thing you need is love!

(click on the picture to sigh a little bit!  🙂 )



«He liked her; it was as simple as that»

Nicholas Sparks, «The last song»

In answer to Jake´s challenge: «Attraction» …Click on the attractive snake to see more..

Tagged L: «Lament for Love in a different Language…»


Cuando él se calló
ella no supo qué mas decir…
La hojarasca del invierno se abrió paso entre sus corazones
y, seca y dorada, allí se instaló…

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