Martes: «I have a magical forest…» (and VIII)

Well….This is my last post on this subject….

I have chosen a photograph I like very much, because it shows a dark path… But surrounded by golden light….

"The golden path..."

Life is made of multiple choices and we can not be at a crossroads forever… Sometimes we will choose a good one, sometimes a bad one… But we can  always learn something, and we should keep a beam of hope in our hearts…

Hope that even in the darkest moments, you will be able to feel that gold light around you…

Have a great Christmas with all your loved ones and see you next year!!!!

Martes: «I have a magical forest…»(VII)

Yesterday (!) was Tuesday… In my defense I must say Yesterday was Bank Holiday!!! 🙂 🙂

But here is another photograph of my magical forest….

This is a photograph I really like… You will tell me what do you think…

«Dark days and dark nights…»


Have a great week!!



Martes: «I have a magical forest…» (VI)

Today, a photography I took last week….

This is a tree I see everyday, and I have been trying to show its beauty for ages… I think I got it this last time…You will tell me….

«My bent tree…»


Have a great day!




Martes: «I have a magical forest…» (V)

Yesterday I saw the white heron… There is only one. It has been there for almost a month now…

Today I will try to transmit you what I felt…

«I believe in magic…»


Hope you have a great day!


Martes: «I have a magical forest…» (IV)

Well…It is Wednesday but with so many events going on these days I almost forgot it!!!!

Today I want to post this beauty I found in the forest two days ago…It has been really misty, and looked like the mist did not want to leave…

Here I leave you, with this little and old dandelion, full of silent tears…


«Silent tears…»

Have a great day!


Martes: I have a magical forest (III)

Tuesday again…Time for a new pic of my forest….

Indian Summer is here, so I have chosen a wonderful sunset…. Hope it gives a little bit of  light and warm to your hearts!!!!

"Golden Sunset..."

«Golden Sunset…»

I think it also suits Ailsa´s challenge: «Luminous»
Have a great day!!!


«Martes: I have a magical forest….»

Today is Tuesday… In Spanish is called «Martes», after the name of the roman god Mars…

Mars was not only the god of war but also an agricultural guardian… Because of that festivals offered to him were held in March (again, named after him) and in October, when the farming season ended …

So, I have decided to start a new project… Every Tuesday I will post a photograph of my forest, showing his beauty, his sadness, his happiness, his colors…. His magic in one word… All of you are welcome!

Here is the first entry…

«Warm and deep…»

Happy day…