WFC: From Lines to Patterns…Harmony on the Earth….

«The hidden harmony

is better than the obvious»

Pablo Picasso




Because it is possible to find lines and patterns everywhere….Go here and you will see others!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details…

If you ask C., he will tell you this week´s challenge is «My» challenge…
He is always complaining about how much time I can spend just doing one pic, and another one, and…hey wait, another one!
-«But…it is always the same thing!» (he will say)…
-«No, there are many different points of view» (I will say)…

Here my last example, just for all of you!
Here is what I found, just walking on the forest…

Frosty seeds in a cold winter morning

Frosty morning
After the first pic I could not help it…Every seed had its own personality….

Hope you like it!
Happy Sunday!

Sunday Post: Peaceful

Good day to everybody!!! December is here, and with it, a new challenge from Jake: Peaceful!

Every time I think about «Peaceful» MOTHER NATURE comes to mind..The forest, the river, the sea, the sun…

Of course, there are some who have another concept of «Peaceful»…



What do you think?…Click here and look at more interpretations…