«Fairy like…»

Dear all!

Yesterday I went out with my two «bestias» (Sigh and Neo), to the forest, like every morning…And I found a wonderful flower I had never seen…
As it was new to me, I tried several angles…
This one I love…What do you think?

"Fairy like..."
Deep of field is a wonderful tool to create moody atmospheres….If you want to learn about it, you should visit http://blog.mjfimages.com/2014/06/09/weekly-foto-talk-depth-of-field-i/

Enjoy and remember: Magic is around us!

The Key…

«Mystery is the key element to any masterpiece»

(Luis Buñuel)


Do not look too high

Do not go too far…

Not Photoshop has been used in this pic…We can find «Masterpieces» anywhere, any time…We only need to open our eyes…