My Colour….(WPC)

This week Cheri wants us to self analize…To make an exercise of introspective analysis and to come out with the color that reveals more about us…And to show it to the rest of the world, of course :)…

I remember reading in a book of Oliver Sacks a case about a man who was suffering from achromatopsia…He was able to see the world only in black and white…It was quite shocking to me, specially when he described the moments he had to eat…. Sometimes we do not realize how fortunate we are!!!!

We are used to see the yellow bananas, the red fire, the orange´s orange, the green lawn growing slowly in springtime…

And, if I had to choose one, I would choose the blue..Blue from the sky…Blue from the sea…Peaceful blue…


The Mediterranean Sea. Torrevieja. Spain

Have a nice and colorful weekend!


This week Frizz is playing with O…

As you may be know, I am not at home, but by the Mediterranean Sea…But, still, I try to go out and to look around….

Yesterday I saw this…And “Ornithology” came to my mind…Do I know anything about birds? Nothing at all….But I like them…And…You know?…I think that….

“Everybody is looking for something…” Torrevieja. Yesterday


Have a Good Day…Or a Good Night!

TS: Me and You…

Today is Thursday…That means Thursday´s Special, hosted by Paula…

It is something special…A non-challenge challenge…And  I never know in advance what I am going to find on my walks for it,….If anything!

Today, I have been lucky…


“We should meet in another life,

we should meet in air, me and you”

Sylvia Plath

WPC: Saturated (II)

Well…And here is the serious post…

Following Michelle intructions, we (Sigh, Neo and me) went out for a walk while C. was working…

And we were lucky, I think! None of the following photographs have been edited!

You will see if you like this Saturated Fall Colours! (I would like to know the name of these fruits or seeds, but I am afraid I do not…)



Red, green and Blue

And, as Michelle opened the door to a Black and White Photography, I edited one…


Hope you like these!

Have a great weekend and reserve  some time  to check WPC page for more pics!

Autumn….The Last Shelter

Today Frizz´s post is “How to spell Autumn?”…He, his music, and the link of Iceman75 “Les feuilles mortes” have inspired me this….

It was her last  Fall…

She thought as she huddled against the wall

Cold and rain will pour down again

Wind and mist will rise up through the air…

She looked far

Muttering an old  farewell…

The castle was

A good place to die..

She would never be

So close to the sky…



The Last Rays of The Sun….

It happened once, a long, long time ago, that  Alexander the Great visited Diógenes, and asked if he would like something from him….

And Diogenes answered: “Stand a little less between me and the sun”…

There are many versions of this encounter, that may be never happened…But I thought about it when I saw on my computer this pic I took half an hour ago in the garden…


The last rays of the sun…

WFC: From Lines to Patterns…Harmony on the Earth….

“The hidden harmony

is better than the obvious”

Pablo Picasso




Because it is possible to find lines and patterns everywhere….Go here and you will see others!

Thursday´s Special: “A Hard Day´s Night”

This is the first time I am participating in Paula´s non-challenge-challenge….

I love its implied concepts: freedom, happiness, light…Plus I have a little corner of my heart for the Roman and Greek Gods….

So, how could I miss the opportunity to offer this post to Júpiter?

There is always a moment for a rest and an offering!


“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Lonely Tree…

It was just a lonely tree..

It never sought the limelight

But there it was…

Loftily standing…

Hiding the white light…

Leafless and nude…


  Carbajal de la Legua.

In answer to Frizz´s “LLL-challenge”…

…Far Out In the Distance….

“I once tried standing up on my toes to see far out in the distance, but I found that I could see much farther by climbing to a high place”

Xun Zi


Dana´s Café, on the road to Petra, Jordan.

This week Ailsa´s Travel Theme is “Distance”…Sometimes, we need to stop, to breath, and to take a distant point of view…May be to see what we have around and we are not able to admire,….May be just to rest …Because being in the midst of everything can blind our eyes, our souls and our hearts…