WPC: “Weight(less)”

This week, the WPC hosted by Ben Huberman wants us to play with weight….

I think it is perfect for a photograph I took these Holidays inside the Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona….

I need to write quite a lot more about this fantastic trip… But let´s stay on our subject….

The question is that I find fascinating this photograph… You see…It is sandstone, but is huge, and is heavy… And the impression one gets from this point of view is that is almost floating, facing the wind,  like a feminine figurehead, blind to the storms and to the passage of time…

“The Blind Face…”

"The Blind Face..."

What do you think?
Have a Happy weekend!!!



Martes: “I have a magical forest…” (and VIII)

Well….This is my last post on this subject….

I have chosen a photograph I like very much, because it shows a dark path… But surrounded by golden light….

"The golden path..."

Life is made of multiple choices and we can not be at a crossroads forever… Sometimes we will choose a good one, sometimes a bad one… But we can  always learn something, and we should keep a beam of hope in our hearts…

Hope that even in the darkest moments, you will be able to feel that gold light around you…

Have a great Christmas with all your loved ones and see you next year!!!!

And now…More eyes….

I have to say I really like this week´s WPC: “eye spy”

I know “eye” can stand for many more things…But it is so funny to stand by the first one that comes to our mind…

My previous post was with my C. eyes….

Now something different…

Last year we went to a medieval festival were some of the most striking things were the raptors…They were really posing!!!

You will see now!!

 🙂 🙂




Martes: “I have a magical forest…” (VI)

Today, a photography I took last week….

This is a tree I see everyday, and I have been trying to show its beauty for ages… I think I got it this last time…You will tell me….

“My bent tree…”


Have a great day!





This week WPC is about “Transition”...

I think a lot of us have had a hard week, so may be we deserve this…

I took this pic in January last year, in Torrevieja, in the East of Spain, Mediterranean coast… Sunsets over there are absolutely magical… Gold and pink, and red and warm… Even in winter there is something special about being by the Sea…


PD: I was just about to close this post when I found a link to a chill out music from a group I did not know before… Here is the link  to Arnica Montana: “Sea, Sun and Sea…” Grab a drink and relax…. That is the good thing about Friday´s nights…They are a transition on their own, aren´t they?


Have a great weekend!

Martes: “I have a magical forest…” (V)

Yesterday I saw the white heron… There is only one. It has been there for almost a month now…

Today I will try to transmit you what I felt…

“I believe in magic…”


Hope you have a great day!


Martes: “I have a magical forest…” (IV)

Well…It is Wednesday but with so many events going on these days I almost forgot it!!!!

Today I want to post this beauty I found in the forest two days ago…It has been really misty, and looked like the mist did not want to leave…

Here I leave you, with this little and old dandelion, full of silent tears…


“Silent tears…”

Have a great day!


Martes: I have a magical forest (III)

Tuesday again…Time for a new pic of my forest….

Indian Summer is here, so I have chosen a wonderful sunset…. Hope it gives a little bit of  light and warm to your hearts!!!!

"Golden Sunset..."

“Golden Sunset…”

I think it also suits Ailsa´s challenge: “Luminous”
Have a great day!!!


“Martes: I have a magical forest….”

Today is Tuesday… In Spanish is called “Martes”, after the name of the roman god Mars…

Mars was not only the god of war but also an agricultural guardian… Because of that festivals offered to him were held in March (again, named after him) and in October, when the farming season ended …

So, I have decided to start a new project… Every Tuesday I will post a photograph of my forest, showing his beauty, his sadness, his happiness, his colors…. His magic in one word… All of you are welcome!

Here is the first entry…

“Warm and deep…”

Happy day…

“I wish I had a piano….”

This week, WPC is quite difficult and abstract: “Change”…

I was a bit lost, especially after so many weeks without taking part in those challenges, so…I decided to look for quotes about “Change”….And I found one that really suited me and one of the pics I took last week!!…

Here is the quote…

“Since we can not change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality”

Nikos Kazantzakis

And here is the pic…


Hope you like it!!!
Good weekend!!! And enjoy other entries here