«Rainy Night…»

Yesterday night… Raining cats and dogs…. But I decided to try it!!!



Many thanks to my C. who pushed me to go out in the middle of the rain with my umbrella, my camera, my tripod, my raincoat…. He stayed home, taking care of the dogs!!!!

Good night!


.First of all, Happy New year to all of you!!! I have been outside for almost one month…But I am back!!!! And nothing better than the answer to WPC : «Shadowed»!

These days are terrible here: by 5 o´clock, we have the fog over our heads…And the weather is so cold that the only people you can see on the streets are dog owners or photographers!!! 🙂

I think this pic is a good example !!! I took it yesterday!!! And I thought it could be a good example of working with poor conditions of light (and cold weather, and ….)


What do you think??


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Nest of Needles in the Night…


I wonder what D.Quijote would have thought if confronted with this in the Manchegan night…

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