Photo101: Home

Well!!! November started three days ago and brought with it the cold weather and the rain…And also a new commitment: I am going to take part of Photography101…One pic everyday…!!!

This first day we need to show in a photo what is «Home» for us…

A place? A state of mind? A building? A person? May be a memory?..

Difficult to choose…

Is it always the same? Is it something that changes with one´s experiences??

I think the base of the feeling is always the same….At least to be, Home means being anywhere with my loved ones:   My man and my two dogs…:) 🙂


If I could choose,….Well, if I could choose I would change the cold weather for a nice and sunny place by the Mediterranean coast…But may be that will not be Home but the Paradise!!! 🙂 🙂

Have a good day! And see U tomorrow!!!