«A poppy´s summer dream…»

We are in September already!

But summer is not so far away…

Still we can feel the heat of the last sunbeams and remember the happy memories….

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Have a great day!



«Pink softness…»

I have seen the Sun today!!!! Incredible, after so many days with rain, rain and more rain!!!

May be Springtime is around?

I think this deserves a nice and soft photograph….

"Pink softness"

Pink bud and bokeh

Hope you like it!!!

Happy sunny day!!!

(at least somewhere!!! 🙂 🙂 )


Photo 101: The Natural World…

Today´s challenge is really easy for me…I live in a very small village..The river and the forests are just behind our house, and I go out every day with my two «bestias»…

It has been difficult, but I have chosen some pics, trying to show the different approach I take…

Sometimes I choose just one leaf, because I like the light´s play on it…

Sometimes just a little red fruit, because it is brilliant after the rain and makes a nice contrast with the green leaves behind…

Suddenly, I can find a glorious red bush, too big to shoot…So, I have to knee on the ground and try to frame it from a different POV…

You can click on any of the images to see them much better… 🙂

In general, we have a great time…And my bestias enjoy it a lot!!!!

Hope you have a great day as well!!! I need to go out now with them!!