«Rainy Night…»

Yesterday night… Raining cats and dogs…. But I decided to try it!!!



Many thanks to my C. who pushed me to go out in the middle of the rain with my umbrella, my camera, my tripod, my raincoat…. He stayed home, taking care of the dogs!!!!

Good night!

«Whispers under the rain…»

This week, the WordPress Challenge is «Blurred»

Last weekend it was raining with a lot of wind…I was feeling really safe inside our car, so I decided to take some pics….Most of them came out quite blurred!!! 😦

I was thinking about discarding this one…But then, I thought that may be with a little bit of processing I could achieve something different….

Here is the result….

«Whispers under the rain…»

"""Whispers under the rain...".