Fall´s refraction…

This evening I have been out with my camera…

C. arrived quite early and went running with the two “bestias” , so I was able to wander around looking for the fall´s light in the small things of the forest….

I was lucky….So, here is my second entry for this week´s WPC: “Refraction“…

"Fall´s light"
«In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous»

«The Swedish Chef! «

This week WordPress Photo Challenge  is nice….»Refraction!!»…

So, as I am enjoying cooking a lot these last weeks, I have decided to mix photography and cooking…Both of them are arts somehow, aren´t they? 🙂

No, do not worry…I am not going to post a nice and yummy piece of cake…

Just  my kitchen timer!!!!

"The Swedish Chef..."

Through a very nice glass of wine….

Who needs anything else? Food, photography, good wine and C.near by!!!

BTW: C. says my timer looks like the Swedish Chef….

Did you see «The Muppets» when you were young?

Have a great week!