«Shaken River»

This week  WPC proposes a nice challenge: turn the familiar into something abstract… I have chosen this pic: it is my river, a very sunny day….


I only had to put on an ND filter, take it with long exposure and shake the camera a little bit…et voilà!

Have a very good weekend!


BTW: I have some problems with the blog.. I do not receive e mail notifications.. Do you?




I took this pic yesterday, in the same spot than before yesterday…But it was later, and the Sun made nice reflections in the water…

When I saw it, it made me think about the Universe, and the cosmogony…

Everywhere we can find a microcosm, a reflection of a higher reality…

What is reality…?

Where do we live…?

What is this  dragonfly thinking while grasping that leaf…?

Looking at the bokeh… We know it is just the reflection of the water that flows below…

Or may be not…???


Funny, isn´t it?
Have a great day!

«Looking for the lost dreams…»

I took this picture just few days ago…I got for Christmas a lot of nice gadgets for my camera…So, even if it was cold, C. and the bestias were very happy to go with me to the deep forest to try some of them….

And here is one of the results…I used an ND 400 filter, and changed the colour of the scene, because this way I do not know, but it was more enchanting..More fairy like….

But nothing else…I was so pleased with the light´s reflections and the general effect…!!

…It conveys a sensation of serenity to me….What do you think? ( it is better if you click on the image! 🙂 )

"Looking for the lost dreams..."

In answer to WPC: «Serenity»…Check it during the weekend!!! It´s worth it!!!
Happy days…And nights!