«I will always love you…»

"I will always love you..."

Have a great Saint Valentine´s Day!

I have been thinking…May be this pic can suit Ailsa´s challenge…Because, to me, true romance is that kind of wonderful feeling that fills your mind, your soul, your heart…

Like when we were children…Remember that summer you were on holidays and just there, by the sea, you saw the most wonderful girl you had ever seen? Remember how did you promised eternal love to her?…

Now we can look back and smile to it…But then…



» The Eyes of the Night…»

My dear all….
Saint Valentine´s Day is coming..Slowly, but is coming….
And I am getting into the mood…May be because I am a bit far from my C. (I am again by the Mediterranean Coast! I should not complain… 🙂 )
Today I went walking, and I do not know why, but every bench was occupied by couples…And you can trust me when I say that I have seen more children, cats, puppies and lovers than anytime here!
So I took pictures, of course..And then, while looking at them, I decided to do something different…
It has little hearts, like a wink to the day that is approaching…
And it has a childish atmosphere..
I really think you should click the image to feel it better… Hope you like it!!

«The Eyes of the Night» . Torrevieja
"The Eyes of the Night..."

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