WPC: «Off Season….»

Just this weekend I was in Santander, a very nice coastal town in the North of Spain….And it was cold and humid….

But this is one of those nice places with a wonderful beach in the middle of the city that one just can not avoid….

So, somehow, everybody seemed to find a moment to stroll on the sand….Near by the water…Feeling the ocean breeze..

I took this pic from the hotel window….I think the highkey helps to concentrate on people…It is like a small Universe on its own, don´t you think???


In answer to WPC challenge: «Off Season»
Have a great weekend!


Photo101: Water…

By chance we went last weekend to Santander, a beautiful city in the North of Spain…The window of our hotel had a view of the sea, so… Imagine!!!

I promised to C. I would wake up very early in the morning to take pictures of the dawn…

Well…You know….Words, words words….

The question is that, by the time we had to leave the hotel to attend a meeting, the day was gorgeous, with a bright sunshine….Too bright to take a good picture of the bay, in fact…

So, what I did?.I closed the diaphragm and raised the speed….And this is what I got!

The Bay of Santander…

The bay of Santander

 Time: 10.00 am