WPC: «Local»

Dear friends…. This week the WPC is about where our heart is

This is a very tricky question, the answer depending on «who» is asking it to you…

Your loved one? Well… In that case I bet the correct answer is «My heart is whith you, among your arms… I could go anywhere in the World if I go with you!» 🙂 🙂

Nice, isn´t it..?

But …. Would you like to know the truth?  After being travelling the last ten years, I can honestly say that a big piece of my heart is in my local city, Vitoria-Gasteiz…

And that piece is growing and growing…. May be it is a question of age???

Here is one of my photographs of Vitoria-Gasteiz…


«The last man»

Vitoria – Gasteiz, Old Cathedral

Just recently a very good book  based in the city has been published….  Here is a great review  of  «El Silencio de la Ciudad Blanca» (by Eva García Saenz de Urtury, 2016) made by «Interludio Creativo»

Have a good week…

WPC: «Off Season….»

Just this weekend I was in Santander, a very nice coastal town in the North of Spain….And it was cold and humid….

But this is one of those nice places with a wonderful beach in the middle of the city that one just can not avoid….

So, somehow, everybody seemed to find a moment to stroll on the sand….Near by the water…Feeling the ocean breeze..

I took this pic from the hotel window….I think the highkey helps to concentrate on people…It is like a small Universe on its own, don´t you think???


In answer to WPC challenge: «Off Season»
Have a great weekend!



.First of all, Happy New year to all of you!!! I have been outside for almost one month…But I am back!!!! And nothing better than the answer to WPC : «Shadowed»!

These days are terrible here: by 5 o´clock, we have the fog over our heads…And the weather is so cold that the only people you can see on the streets are dog owners or photographers!!! 🙂

I think this pic is a good example !!! I took it yesterday!!! And I thought it could be a good example of working with poor conditions of light (and cold weather, and ….)


What do you think??


WPC: Converge…

I was in my hometown a week ago, without the bestias, ( 🙂 ) so I was able to spend  a long time taking photos, day and night…(I caught a virus as well 😦 )

This is my Street, at night…

I have been living here for so many years..!!! And it is now when I see it with new eyes…That is the good thing about wandering in the middle of the cold night with a camera!! 🙂 🙂

I think it is a good example of «Converge»…(Click on the image …Looks much better!!! )

"Errekatxiki Street" Errekatxiki Street*. Vitoria-Gasteiz. Spain

*In case you are wandering about so many «k» and «tx»….Yes, this is Basque language: «Erreka» means «stream» and «txiki» «small»


Have a great weekend!




«WPC: Containers…»

Hello everybody!!!

It has been a long time since my last post! I hope all of you are still there, well and ready for holidays…

A lot of adventures , almost all of them positive! I think I need to order my photos and ideas but, in the meantime, I would like to share with all of you a pic I took in my hometown few days ago that I think it suits WPC´s challenge: «Containers«…

The title is …

«In the cage: Dreaming the city..»

"The Cage: Dreaming the City..."

A good container, don´t you think? I like the idea…

The cage contains a man…A man that is reading a book…

The book contains a lot of words…Ideas, revelations, stories, adventures, dreams…

May be he is dreaming..About his own city, this city…About the ideal one, far away…About his life…About his love…

Who knows what contains his heart?

Who knows what secrets jealously guards his soul?….

Would like to see more ideas? Go to WPC page and have a good time!

Big hug to all of you! And have a good weekend!



«The greatest glow of happiness…»

«When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things-not the great occassions-that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness…»

Bob Hope

Happy together

When I saw this mother with her two children walking by the sea, my memories went back to my own childhood…I can not remember when I saw the sea for the first time in my life, but I remember having my mom near by…I also remember (how funny!) she knew I liked big hats, like one of the little children of the photograph…And that I enjoyed (and still I do!) playing and getting dirty with the sand…
I absolutely agree with the Hope´s quote…Happy moments glow in our minds…And, usually, they are made of simple things, colours, textures, smells… May be full of meaning only for us..And for all of those who love us!
Dedicated to all the Mums of the world…And in answer to Ailsa´s Travel Theme: «Glow»

Have a great weekend!

«The princess of the street….»

I have been out some days…And I want now to share with all of you one of my most beautiful pics…(I think 🙂 )
I took it in my hometown….

«The princess of the Street…»
"The princess of the street..."

.Click on it to feel it better… 🙂

«The circle of life…»

Early in the morning, yesterday…

.I was taking some pics when something caught my eye…

The pilgrim (he has a little «concha» in his luggage) moved himself his weelchair, lit a cigarette, and fixed his sight on the young girls with the baby stroller…And he left me this present…(Click on the image to feel it better!)

«The circle of life…»

"The circle of life..."
I thought it could be a good shot for WPC: «Street life«….What do you think?

Frizz´s «L»: «Under the light…»

This week Frizz´s challenge is «L«…
I have been thinking…And may be it could be nice to pay my respects to the light, being so important in photography!
I hope you like this pic…I took it in one side street in Cairo, quite far from the touristic routes…

«Under the light…»

"Under the light..."

  «Wherever there is light, one can photograph»

Alfred Stieglitz