I Will Keep Flying….

Dear all…

Today is my second anniversary in WordPress, and they sent me a note to remember it…

I have to say I am very grateful…To them and to all of you….Because there is something magical about the fact of knowing that there are people on the other side that care for one person, for his/her poems, thoughts, drawings, pictures…

«Thanks for flying with us»… I like this ..To me opening a post is like opening a new book…I can have an idea about what I am going to find but then, almost always, it is much better…: I can close my eyes, and fly towards that person that has tried her/his best to share something important with us,…I can feel the pain, the adventure, the lonely path that is following, the happiness of being with a family or with a wonderful pet…The ups and downs of a professional career or of a new hobby…

I know that many  things are happening in the World, much more important that our little worries…But we should not dismiss these important moments we are sharing here…Because if they are able to cheer up our hearts may be after we can put one smile in other´s faces…And, at the end, everything is part of a big chain….

Because of that….Thanks  to all of you for flying with me

"Thanks for flying with me..."

I took this pic this morning and I think it is perfect!!!


«Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light»

Albert Schweitzer



Free !!!

Por fin!!!!

Good news!!!! Here is the letter that has been released this evening:

«Dear friends:

It is with great relief that Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) confirms that Montserrat Serra and Blanca Thiebaut, abducted from the Dadaab refugee camp, in Kenya, on 13 October 2011, have been released. Both are safe and healthy and keen to join their loved ones as soon as possible. MSF will offer continued support to Mone and Blanca and their families. As we are still working on the return of the two girls to their homes, we ask you to respect their need for privacy at this time.

MSF wishes to thank everyone involved in securing their safe release.

Once again, MSF strongly condemns this attack on humanitarian workers who were in Dadaab offering lifesaving medical assistance to thousands of refugees.»

Jose Antonio Bastos
President MSFE»

Oh! Nomination for the «Very Inspiring Blogger Award»!!!

I am happy….I have received a nomination for the «Very Inspiring Blogger Award»!

Here are the rules to follow:

1.- Thank the person who nominate you

2.- List seven things about yourself.

3.- Nominate fifteen bloggers and inform them.

Well…There are only three rules, but they are quite difficult…

First, I want to thank Coreen Kuhn, from Picture Perfect Memories for Life, for thinking about my blog…I  started blogging few months ago…And it has been a discovery to me..Having people surfing in the net , finding my place, and taking a moment to see my pics and read my thoughts …And then, me doing the same…

Sometimes I feel like a little sorgiña (witch in Basque)…..I go everyday to the computer and I look at the blogosphere like if it was my magical cristal ball… I have learned many, many things…I have visited many places…I have smiled and, even, sometimes, I have almost cried…

It is so difficult to choose 15 bloggers from that magical world!!!  So, first, let me ask your forgiveness if I do not name you…We all give our best to make this a better place… But here they are….And may be one of them can become one day a new friend to you…
















And now, another tricky question: seven things about myself…

1.- I am a woman in my lattest forties…

2.- I live in a little village on the countryside…I have learned to love it, but my heart longs for the sea…

3.- I love travelling and reading; writing and taking pictures; Art and History…And, of course, C. and Sigh…

4.- When I was younger I was working with an NGO overseas for two years..It marked my life…

5.- I am a believer…I believe in God, in humankind, in family, in frienship, and in eternal love…

6.- I love music…I would love to be able to play piano and to compose wonderful tunes…But I do not play anything, I do not write songs and I only sing, very badly, on the shower.. (But, anyway, I love doing it!!! 😉 )

7.- Still wondering?…This is me…

Thanks again!!!