» The Eyes of the Night…»

My dear all….
Saint Valentine´s Day is coming..Slowly, but is coming….
And I am getting into the mood…May be because I am a bit far from my C. (I am again by the Mediterranean Coast! I should not complain… 🙂 )
Today I went walking, and I do not know why, but every bench was occupied by couples…And you can trust me when I say that I have seen more children, cats, puppies and lovers than anytime here!
So I took pictures, of course..And then, while looking at them, I decided to do something different…
It has little hearts, like a wink to the day that is approaching…
And it has a childish atmosphere..
I really think you should click the image to feel it better… Hope you like it!!

«The Eyes of the Night» . Torrevieja
"The Eyes of the Night..."

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-Paula´s Thursday´s Special



Thursday….!! That means Thursday Special, hosted by Paula…And, after checking the posts of people I am following, I found that Coreen, in «My Photo Someone´s Quote»  spoke today about something really important and special: True Friendship…

So, here is my post….



True frienship, love and loyalty,….

Well, and sometimes a little like a pain in the neck….For instance, now….I think it is because snow is arriving…And because the two dogs of the neighbour are outside, of course!!!

Have a good day!!!!

When we were Young and Happy….

When we were young and happy

We did not have that much…

Just the sun, the sea, the sand and the moon

and our hearts full of dreams…

But we were feeling so rich!!

Now we still have the sun and the moon…

Even the sea sometimes…

But our hearts are empy…

They drained with each beat through the years…

«Too late, too late, too late…»

Should we trust them?

Is there a time for dreams?


Torrevieja, one week ago…

(click on the picture to feel it better! )

In answer to Paula´s Thursday Special and to Cee´s Fun Foto, Two

Have a great day!

TS: «Autumn colours from an ant´s point of view…»

Today is Thursday…That means, as a lot of you know, Paula´s Thursday´s Special…

If you go to her page, you will see the post : «Share and Connect»…

I have been talking to Paula today about Autumn… Its light, its colours, its little treasures…So, I also want to connect today my post with her, and to share the colours and light of my Autumn with all of you…Sometimes is good to lower your gaze a little bit, and try to imagine what you would see if you were an ant …

Hope you like it!


«Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower»

Albert Camus

TS: Me and You…

Today is Thursday…That means Thursday´s Special, hosted by Paula…

It is something special…A non-challenge challenge…And  I never know in advance what I am going to find on my walks for it,….If anything!

Today, I have been lucky…


«We should meet in another life,

we should meet in air, me and you»

Sylvia Plath

Thursday´s Special: «Eyes and Hearts»

«Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing»

Camille Pisarro


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Thursday´s Special: «A Hard Day´s Night»

This is the first time I am participating in Paula´s non-challenge-challenge….

I love its implied concepts: freedom, happiness, light…Plus I have a little corner of my heart for the Roman and Greek Gods….

So, how could I miss the opportunity to offer this post to Júpiter?

There is always a moment for a rest and an offering!


«Nature always wears the colors of the spirit»

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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