Martes: «I have a magical forest…»(VII)

Yesterday (!) was Tuesday… In my defense I must say Yesterday was Bank Holiday!!! 🙂 🙂

But here is another photograph of my magical forest….

This is a photograph I really like… You will tell me what do you think…

«Dark days and dark nights…»


Have a great week!!



Martes: I have a magical forest (III)

Tuesday again…Time for a new pic of my forest….

Indian Summer is here, so I have chosen a wonderful sunset…. Hope it gives a little bit of  light and warm to your hearts!!!!

"Golden Sunset..."

«Golden Sunset…»

I think it also suits Ailsa´s challenge: «Luminous»
Have a great day!!!


«…And I run and run and run towards the light through the forest…»

I have been reading a lot about forests and mithology lately and I thought about that when taking the pic and processing it…
And that is exactly what I was trying to find: thrilling but attractive, dark but not scary…!!!
And I thought blue color would help with that…

Hope you like it!..To get a deeper feeling..Click on the image!

In answer to WPC: «Monochromatic…»
Have a great weekend!

The winter forest…(WPC: depth)

This week WPC is «depth»
Literally? Metaphorically?…
I have chosen one of the forests I see everyday when out with «las bestias»…
Something happens in winter…It looks deeper, colder, darker, more mysterious…
Or may be it is just our eyes…
"Winter forest.."