WPC: Saturated (II)

Well…And here is the serious post…

Following Michelle intructions, we (Sigh, Neo and me) went out for a walk while C. was working…

And we were lucky, I think! None of the following photographs have been edited!

You will see if you like this Saturated Fall Colours! (I would like to know the name of these fruits or seeds, but I am afraid I do not…)



Red, green and Blue

And, as Michelle opened the door to a Black and White Photography, I edited one…


Hope you like these!

Have a great weekend and reserve  some time  to check WPC page for more pics!

WPC: Saturated…Full….De Bote en Bote!

In answer to this week WPC: «Saturated»…A bit of fun!

I saw it one month ago, so it is not a new pic, but I think it suits the challenge…:)

De Bote en Bote!

Looking at it, I can not help thinking about what I read once…

«There can´t be a crisis next week; my Schedule is already full»

Henry Kissinger