WPC: “Local”

Dear friends…. This week the WPC is about where our heart is

This is a very tricky question, the answer depending on “who” is asking it to you…

Your loved one? Well… In that case I bet the correct answer is “My heart is whith you, among your arms… I could go anywhere in the World if I go with you!” 🙂 🙂

Nice, isn´t it..?

But …. Would you like to know the truth?  After being travelling the last ten years, I can honestly say that a big piece of my heart is in my local city, Vitoria-Gasteiz…

And that piece is growing and growing…. May be it is a question of age???

Here is one of my photographs of Vitoria-Gasteiz…


“The last man”

Vitoria – Gasteiz, Old Cathedral

Just recently a very good book  based in the city has been published….  Here is a great review  of  “El Silencio de la Ciudad Blanca” (by Eva García Saenz de Urtury, 2016) made by “Interludio Creativo”

Have a good week…

WPC: “Boundary…”

Who knows the real boundary between reality and fantasy….?


In answer to WPC: “Boundaries

Have a great weekend!



“Small beauty….”

This week, WPC is about the forces of nature…

I know Nature impresses us in many ways: wind, rain, tornados….

Many moments when we are aware of our smallness here on the Mother Earth…

But, thanks to God, Nature gives us small pieces of  calm, and glory, and happiness…

…And beauty……

Have a great Sunday!