Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: Your Favourite Image

This week Cee is launching her Foto Challenge…Being this the first week of the event, she would like us to start choosing our favourite pic…She has been working very hard on her nice badge so I am afraid she wants us to work a little bit as well!! 😉

Here is the badge…


Well…The pic I have chosen is one of my favourites ( I have already posted it in this blog in another entry)…I took it in 1998, inside the Holy Crypt, in the Church of The Nativity, in Bethlehem…

It was a weekday, quite early, and the place was almost empty. So, I sat on a corner, just to taste the moment..Suddently, a big group of people came and started to sing and to pray…And there he was…This little child, with all his Faith, alone in the middle of the crowd…X-mas was approaching and, all of a sudden, I could feel of the Magic and the Peace I had lost ( a little bit) from my childhood days…..

9 comentarios en “Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: Your Favourite Image

    • Hola Jorge! Muchísimas gracias…Qué más quisiera yo…Pero supongo que ha sido por el punto de luz dentro de la oscura escena….El jugaba mucho con este tipo de cosas…

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