PPP…Portable dog!

This week, Frizz wants us to look for something with P!…
People, promenade, police, public….Portable!
What can be portable?
A telephone, an umbrella, a book, a computer, a house…Even a toilet!!!!
But….There is another important thing….: Your dog!
In these times we are living, having a portable dog makes easier a lot of things!

Did you realize their mouths are quite similar???

When looking at this dog expression, I can not help but to remember one thing I read not long ago…

«I am trying to find myself.

Sometimes that´s not easy…»

(Marilyn Monroe)


20 comentarios en “PPP…Portable dog!

    • Me alegro! El hombre estaba muy orgulloso, e iba muy bien preparado, con bolsitas para las cacas y todo…Y el perro…Bueno, no sé…Pero al menos nadie le pisaba en el desfile!

    • Thanks a lot Max! It was a parade in our city, and it was full of people…And , you know, when there is a lot of people, there are a lot of stories behind!
      Buona giornata a te!

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