Photo Story Challenge: Letter «Y»

This week Frizz´s challenge is about «Y»…
I have been thinking and thinking…And the only thing I can see with «Y» is «Yellow»…I know it is not very original…But I promise you that, at least, I have been very careful looking for nice yellow things…
Hope you will enjoy…

Nice Yellow Things…

15 comentarios en “Photo Story Challenge: Letter «Y»

  1. Yellow is a wonderful colour – I always shied away from it because it was my mother’s special colour, so of course it couldn’t be mine! I love ‘hoja’ – that yellow leaf spotlit by the a ray of sunlight and perfectly captured by your otherwise unfocused composition of the forest floor. Great shot. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot M.! I did not know I had so many yellow things,…You are right…It is a happy colour, and, on these days, we need happiness, don´t we?
      So, big yellow smiles to you! 🙂 🙂

    • Feliz Navidad!!!! (Little problem with the «ñ»..;) It is very important in «Año», he, he…)
      Merry X-mas to you and to your family as well!! Hope the New Year will bring health, love and peace…

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