Travel Theme: Transportation

Ailsa´s theme for this week is «Transportation»…

Ailsa is very right when she says two things: that the mode of transport we choose affects the whole experience of the journey…And that these modes of transport vary according to culture, history, geography…

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    • Poor Sigh!!! That was in Brantôme, France…It has a long story behing…There is a part of the river quite difficult to pass through, just in the middle of the city, and everybody stays at the bridges to see how people manage…Well…Just on that moment Sigh decided she had had enough..And jumped out of the canoe! I was trying to catch her even by the tail, and C. was trying to keep control of the canoe, with a lot of water coming in…And Sigh just there…And everybody laughing and laughing…And Sigh that did not want to come back!…What a mess! At the end, when we had already decided the best was to go out of the canoe, she decided to return..Everybody clapped and cheered, we said hello like the British Queen and left like heroes!!!!

  1. I love all these photos – the one with the people with blue umbrellas on the boat is great. Hard to pick a favourite though.

    • Thanks a lot Suzanne! That one was taken in Bruges, Belgium..It rains very often, so the boat company has the umbrellas just in case…THose ones were really cool, with the European logo! 🙂

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