Divertimento (3): The Answer….

Well…Today is the day for the answer to my little Divertimento….

As you remember, the first thing we could see was something that looked like what I called «Ghostly dancers»…
An example…
Almost all of you agreed on the answer: clothespines, wash line…
But it was not…

.Then I gave a clue: when looking from further away they became clearly «Ghostly Butterflies«…Another example
This time the answers were different…And Madhu was quite close…»something stuck on electric wires»…No, close but better to look closer to the ground…

And here is the solution.



Do you remember I told you some days ago that «my» forest had been encircled ? This is how it looks like…Wire and plastic…But everytime the sun is shinning the plastic somehow takes a magic light…

As Vera said, the important thing is not the reality, but what it suggest to you…It is possible to find beauty EVERYWHERE….

Have a good weekend….And take care with the meteorites!!!

17 comentarios en “Divertimento (3): The Answer….

    • 🙂 At the beginning I was not happy with the fence, but now, everyday, I am finding new things around it…People from the village must think I am a little crazy…

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