Damascene Work in Toledo, Spain

This week, for the Daily Post Challenge, «Pattern», I have chosen a craftwork that is made in Toledo, Spain: Damascene Work.
As it is made by hand, it is impossible to find two pieces alike…

The work is hard:
-1º: Artisans have to shape the piece of iron or steel they are going to work with.
-2º: They have to mark it: to créate lines, shapes….All with a little chisel.
-3º: Here it comes: they have to embed a gold thread, or a silver one, or even a tiny gold sheet with a flat base punch very small (1 mm diameter!)
-4º:Then they use a wider punch (well…Only 3 mm diameter!) and a special hammer, to fix the threads or the sheets with a lot of accuracy…
-5º: After, the piece must be darkened through a chemical process.
-6º: Finally, the artist must still burnish the piece with burins and chisels to polish it, to increase or decrease contrast…

And here is the result….


I have to say I love it!!!! What about you? Do you like it?

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40 comentarios en “Damascene Work in Toledo, Spain

  1. Me encanta..!! I used to have a sword made in Toledo. My brother bought it for me as a birthday gift one year. I have since lost it. But it was beautiful..!! The workmanship was amazing.

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  3. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Beautiful patterns, and such rich, gorgeous colour. After my little introduction to working with silver, I can only imagine how difficult it is to work with the softer metals into iron. Fantastic choice for the challenge Ilargia. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot M,! Yes, you are really right!!! It is difficult and must be done with a lot of accuracy…Even with the hammer, there are some artisans who say there must be a certain rythm…
      I am glad you like it!

    • Yes…Both of the pieces you see on the pics are mine…The first one is a Little sword made to open letters, imitates the sword of Charles V, Spanish Emperor.
      The second one is a dish, about 12 cm diameter…They are no very big but both are really hand made…It is posible to find small and big things…(It only depends on your money!!:))

  4. Not for nothing Toledo was famous for its swords and finely wrought handwork in decorating them. Do I like it? I admire it. Grazie Iargia !

    • You are very right Vera…There have always been big artisans in Toledo…I have been reading in the XV and XVI century they were really important, and then again in the XVIII….
      Even now, most of the arms for films are made there…
      Glad you like it!

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  6. Incredible handiwork. Toledo has moved up my list of Spanish cities to visit. I have seen so little of Spain, I think next year has to be my year to see much. much more.

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