WPC: «Local»

Dear friends…. This week the WPC is about where our heart is

This is a very tricky question, the answer depending on «who» is asking it to you…

Your loved one? Well… In that case I bet the correct answer is «My heart is whith you, among your arms… I could go anywhere in the World if I go with you!» 🙂 🙂

Nice, isn´t it..?

But …. Would you like to know the truth?  After being travelling the last ten years, I can honestly say that a big piece of my heart is in my local city, Vitoria-Gasteiz…

And that piece is growing and growing…. May be it is a question of age???

Here is one of my photographs of Vitoria-Gasteiz…


«The last man»

Vitoria – Gasteiz, Old Cathedral

Just recently a very good book  based in the city has been published….  Here is a great review  of  «El Silencio de la Ciudad Blanca» (by Eva García Saenz de Urtury, 2016) made by «Interludio Creativo»

Have a good week…

«WPC: Edge «

I know I already posted something for this challenge this morning but, suddenly, I remembered something perfect …!!!!

It was last Christmas… We went to Arizona, to visit C.´s family… They had a beautiful surprise for us: a trip to  Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon (Upper and Lower), and surroundings, including….The famous Horseshoe!

I was really very excited about this place, as I had seen wonderful pics …. But when we arrived…. Well…. I was absolutely terrified!!!! One has to be really really close to the edge to be able to take a perfect photo of the Horse shoe…!!!

Here you can see C (in red) absolutely close to the edge, and the photo he was able to take… As you can imagine, I was at the back, far away, fighting with the fear of hights!!!!

In answer to WPC: «Edge»

Have a good weekend!


«The end of the World…»

This is Torrevieja, a little Spanish town open to the Mediterranean Sea…

The seashore is full of these white benches, planted like seeds along the seashore…

People really like them, specially at sunset, when the red from the sunset plunges into the Mediterranean waters…

One can have the feeling one is just by oneself, close to the end of the World, where nothing really matters, only life and nature…


In answer to this week WPC: «Edge»

Have a great weekend!



«Frame: the eye…»

a través de Reto fotográfico: Frame

Sometimes it is true that Nature, that the World, frames itself… And, sometimes, we can even imagine what is behind…

For instance…. Look at this EYE…. I found it in a church in Cáceres, in Spain…


I know, I know… It is just an old stair made of stone…. But, still….
One can find funny things everywhere, even in a church!

Just back from holidays,  many things to show!

Have a good day!

«WPC: Detail»

This week the WPC is about «Detail»....

I have been looking for something a little bit special…. Then, I found this quote:

«To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail» (Giorgio Armani)

And I wonder… Do you think this mosquito knows Giorgio Armani? I am not sure about that, but what is sure is that he is paying a lot of attention to his work (I presume it is a male, … Do not ask me why! 😉


I call him «The Pharaon» because he looks like one of them, doesn´t he?

Have a great week!!!!



«Shaken River»

This week  WPC proposes a nice challenge: turn the familiar into something abstract… I have chosen this pic: it is my river, a very sunny day….


I only had to put on an ND filter, take it with long exposure and shake the camera a little bit…et voilà!

Have a very good weekend!


BTW: I have some problems with the blog.. I do not receive e mail notifications.. Do you?




This is my first post after quite a long time…. And I am really happy the WPC has chosen this subject, «Landscape«, because  I was working yesterday on this photograph from our Christmas holidays…

I have been looking for answers to some questions… One of them related to my photographic style… I was very worried, because I was feeling I was losing the track and, at the same time, wasting my time…

I have spent a lot of time working, reading, looking at other´s works… And I think I am nearer to what I would like to do than before…

I must say I have missed all of you… I hope you are still there, and I hope you would like this….



Monument Valley, Utah






And now…More eyes….

I have to say I really like this week´s WPC: «eye spy»

I know «eye» can stand for many more things…But it is so funny to stand by the first one that comes to our mind…

My previous post was with my C. eyes….

Now something different…

Last year we went to a medieval festival were some of the most striking things were the raptors…They were really posing!!!

You will see now!!

 🙂 🙂




..And these eyes…

…Are  C. eyes….


This photo is in answer to WPC: «eye spy«…

BTW:  And if you want to see my portrait, go here… 🙂

Hope you like them!

Have a great weekend!!!



This week WPC is about «Transition»...

I think a lot of us have had a hard week, so may be we deserve this…

I took this pic in January last year, in Torrevieja, in the East of Spain, Mediterranean coast… Sunsets over there are absolutely magical… Gold and pink, and red and warm… Even in winter there is something special about being by the Sea…


PD: I was just about to close this post when I found a link to a chill out music from a group I did not know before… Here is the link  to Arnica Montana: «Sea, Sun and Sea…» Grab a drink and relax…. That is the good thing about Friday´s nights…They are a transition on their own, aren´t they?


Have a great weekend!